This isn’t Kansas anymore

Wow, okay so that was a really long flight.  Just when you think your butt cannot sit any longer, you look at your watch and you only have 6 more hours to go!  But I do not mean to complain, I am super excited to be here.  It really makes you realize how big this world is, and how far away Singapore is from the sprawling metropolis of Portland, Oregon.

Taking the Singapore River boat tour

On the other hand, the world, really is a small place.  When I was boarding my flight in Tokyo bound for Singapore I was in my seat, starting to flip through my Singapore guidebook, looking like a total tourist.  The guy sitting next to me asked me if it was my first time visiting Singapore, and I nodded.  I asked his what his story was and he said he lived in Singapore.  A little further into the conversation we started talking about how I was coming down to Singapore for work, and that I worked for Waggener Edstrom.  His eyes got huge, and it turns out he used to work there, and I know this guy through past projects we have worked on.  So weird, but it was sure nice to chat with someone familiar and get their advice on what to do and see in the area.  Shows that you can never have too many connections, as you never know when paths will cross.

Today I amazingly woke up bright and early, my first day in Singapore.  I decided to get a jump on the heat and get outside and start walking around to see what kind of trouble I could find.  I started walking along the Singapore River which my hotel sits on and decided to take a boat tour which it looks like every tourist flocks too, but it was a great way to get my bearings and see how this place is laid out.  It is a beautiful place, take a look at this panorama to see for yourself.

Singapore River View

After the great boat tour, I decided to hit up a Hawker Stand in China Town and get a taste for the chicken and rice dish that Singapore is so known for.  That was a hustling place with so many people scrambling to their favorite food stand.  Lunch was pretty good and I will be back to try out other dishes before I leave.

Chicken and Rice dish at Maxwell Road Hawker Center

Alright, time to go hit up the pool.

3 thoughts on “This isn’t Kansas anymore

  1. Enjoyed the picture of the surfboard bldg. was the chicken & rice dish different from what you have here?

  2. That building is an amazing sight, and was cool to see from the water. The land where they built the surfboard building was actually reclaimed from the sea. That seems to be how Singapore makes more space. The chicked dish was similar to a terriyaki dish in the US, however the main difference was that the chicken here was hanging in the window when you ordered it!

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