They only come out at night

I’ve seen a lot in a couple of great days here in Singapore.  I am glad I came a little ahead of starting work, so that I can get acclimated to the time change, and see some sights.  The jet lag did not hit me too bad, but I do keep waking up at weird hours wide awake ready to start the day at 4 am or whatever.  I am sure that will subside quickly.

One of my favorite things about Singapore is the Clarke Quay area along the Singapore River.  It seems to be a boarded up town during the day, but as soon at the sun goes down, the temperatures cool, and everyone hits up all the restaurants, bars and shops.  Both dinners I have had there were quite good, especially the Indian food I had the first night.  Every restaurant seems to have outdoor seating right along the river, which is a wonderful spot where you can feel the cool breeze blow.

Tour Boat trolling up the Singapore River

There is so much going on along the river at night, it is great for photographs.  From the tour boats trolling up the river, the adventure seekers screaming as they prepare for launch in the reverse bungy catapult, to the fireworks shooting off of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the background, I was working on filling up my memory card quickly.

Amazing view from the Singapore Flyer

Yesterday I got up at out the door early to catch one of the many double decker tour buses in the area.  These tour buses are a cool idea because they make frequent stops in all the tourist locations I wanted to explore.  You can jump off at any stop and catch the next bus at whatever stop you want, and they run every 20 minutes.  Some of the sights I saw while jumping on and off the bus were Little India, Botanic Gardens, Orchard Road, and the Singapore Flyer.  I walked through Little India, and that was an amazing experience for this American.  Also, I took the ride on the Singapore Flyer, which gave some amazing views.  I definitely want to go back at night for another ride, but a daytime ride did not dissapoint.

Tomorrow I start work at Waggener Edstrom here in the Singapore Office.  Really looking forward to that experience.

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