Singapore Bound

Right now I am sitting in PDX ready to catch my flight to Singapore of all places. I am lucky enough to have been selected for this journey by my employer, and it has been months, heck years in the making. When I first started at Waggener Edstrom 3 years ago I learned about this global exchange program and have applied for it every single year with great hopes of maybe, just maybe being selected.

Ready for takeoff

Well folks, this year my work aspirations came true and I am still pinching myself! I so look forward to meeting my work colleagues in both Singapore and Hong Kong and brace myself for all the upcoming eye-opening and mind-blowing experiences that I am in for.

Stay tuned for lots of incriminating photos of my journey.

8 thoughts on “Singapore Bound

  1. Dean! How wonderful for you, and you so deserve this! I will look forward to hearing about your adventures. By the way, how long is the assignment?

  2. Nice, have a great time. And I look forward to reading all about your adventures.

  3. JEALOUS! But impressed by how little luggage you have. I would like to see what Cari departed with 🙂

  4. Thanks Karen, I will be in Singapore for 2 weeks! I also will be visiting Hong Kong and Thailand while over here. Such an awesome experience.

  5. Kiersten, yeah she mentioned her goal was only taking a carry-on. I will believe that when I see it. 😉

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