I ride subways for fun

Today I realized I had not ridden the infamous subway system yet here in Singapore.  I say infamous because everyone talks about how clean, and efficient this subway system is here.  Perhaps I need to revisit the definition of infamous, but I digress.  So after work, I decided to take the Subway, to the National Museum of Singapore.  I wanted to check this museum out; because when I travel to far off places museums are one of my favorite ways to learn more about the culture I am visiting.  The museum was okay, but as weird as it sounds the subway was more exciting to see.

National Museum of Singapore

So far I had mainly been getting around on foot, taxi or by bus, which are all very popular ways to get around Singapore.  Taxis are absolutely everywhere, and are cheap modes of transportation with most rides costing somewhere between $5 and $10 SGD.  But the anticipation was killing me, and it was time to jump on the subway I have been hearing about.  So off I went, down the Clarke Quay escalator to board this bad boy.  First thing I notice is all the marble floors which are stunning, and the long air conditioned corridors.  The place is packed with people, but things run efficiently and effortlessly with no chaos to speak of.

Look at those shiny floors!

Once I purchase my ticket, I take one more escalator down to the boarding platform.  I expect large pits where the subway rolls down the tracks like you see in London, but not here in Singapore.  Instead you see long walls with several sliding doors keeping you from crossing the train’s path.  There are signs all-over telling you what time the next train is coming, and which train is heading in which direction, so for a newbie like me it was pretty easy to figure out.  With a whooshing sound, I know that my train is approaching, and sure enough it rolls in and all the sliding doors open.  Off I go, fulfilling my need for a subway ride in Singapore.

Boarding the subway

Looking around, I swear you could eat off of the floors.  If I spilled my chicken and rice dish on those floors, I would say the 10 second rule would apply, they are that clean.  The subways cars are practically spotless, and you do not see any graffiti or tagging anywhere which is amazing.  All in all, it was really cool to see a system set up that gets so many people around so efficiently and pleasantly.

I have been trying to go see as many sites as I can while I am here and there has been a lot to take in.  I went out to drinks with my co-workers one night, went to lunch with others on multiple occasions and have loved every minute of it.  Such a great group of people, and what a great place to visit.

Tonight, I take off for the weekend to visit Hong Kong, where I meet up with A Chick Named Carl.  I am sure there will be lots of adventures to be had.  Stay tuned…

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