The gig is up

That’s right, I hate to say it, but my trip came to an end last Saturday. I am still coming to terms with this reality but I will get by, don’t feel bad for me as I had the time of my life.  Really sometimes can’t believe I just took this amazing trip, and have just taken a life-changing tour of SE Asia.  Not many people get an opportunity like this, and I am not only grateful for it, but I also took full advantage of it.

Happy Hour with the gang

A face only a mother could love.

Thinking back to the Singapore office, I keep laughing about the fun times we had.  Trips to the hawker stand at lunch with co-workers where they pushed my food comfort zone from time to time was a great laugh for all, especially them.  Even more laughs happened outside of work, where we had fun going to happy hour.  There may have even been a group of us that went to sing karaoke one Friday night, but I refuse to confirm or deny that.

On my last Saturday in Singapore, there were lots of last minute adventures to be had with Cari and Madhu.  First we waited for a torrential rainstorm to let up, so we could take a tour boat ride.  While we huddled under an awning shielding ourselves from the rain, we  watched the boat operator dance in the rain getting soaked with a huge smile on his face.

Mr. Happy Go Lucky

Talk about making the best out of a bad situation.  From there we took the tour, choked down a little durian (which was horrible), toured Little India, visited another hawker stand, and my favorite thing that day was going to Ku De Ta, which is the bar at the top of Marina Bay Sands.  I waited to go here until the last night, as I knew it was going to be amazing, and it sure was.  Besides the amazing price of $22 SGD pints of beer, the views and atmosphere were like no other.  It was a clear night, and we could see the whole city lit up in all it’s beauty from there.  So so cool.

After Singapore, it was time for some R&R in Thailand.  Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Bangkok were on my radar and Cari was up for the adventure with me.  And adventures we had.  Some memorable experiences included: snorkeling in the warmest ocean water I have ever felt, having dinner with some crazy Australians, drinking Pina Coladas out of coconuts, getting kicked out of a taxi in Bangkok for no good reason, and being drug from jewlery store to jewelry store by a tuk tuk driver.  Does not sound as awesome when I write it down, maybe you had to be there?

Goof balls - Shefali and Fit

So hopefully you can understand why it is a little hard for me to be back.  Just look at some of these goof balls I am missing down in Singapore.  What am I thinking though, we all now there are plenty off goof balls in Portland too.  I’ll be fine!

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